About Broerspijs

Broer Bakkerijgrondstoffen B.V. is one of the most prominent producers of patisserie pastes and powders. Flexibility is one of the principles of the business: as well as tailor-made solutions for clients, the company can supply packs from 200 g to bulk bags of 800 kg. Everything the company does is supported by its own laboratory and a test bakery.
Quality assurance is a matter of course, the company is certified to BRC High Level, HACCP and COKZ.


Broer Bakkerijgrondstoffen B.V. has a long history which began in 1920 when the company was established by C.P. Broer. The company would become one of the most prominent producers of patisserie powders and almond paste, persipan and marzipan.

The company was taken over by Unilever in 1991 and a complete new factory covering 9000 m2 was built in 1994. The factory is still one of the most modern in Europe and consists of two parts, a paste factory and a powder factory.

Three entrepreneurs in patisserie took the company over from Unilever in 2000. An ice powder factory was later also taken over, increasing the importance of those powders in the industry as a consequence.